Accardi Buccheri

Mauro Accardi and Silvia Buccheri pay close attention to details in their interior design projects, conceiving objects rich in complexity and both aesthetic and functional value. Every project is the result of a geometrical and compositional research that focuses on artisanal craftsmanship and puts it at the service of industrial design.


Design studio based in Milan, is a collaboration between Cara Judd (South Africa) and Davide Gramatica (Italy). Graduating in product design from IED Milan, Cara and Davide started their professional careers in diverse areas ranging from apprenticing with artisans to working with industrial companies before merging their experience in 2016. They work in the fields of product design, event curation and offer creative consultancy to studios and private clients. Cara and Davide both lecture in the Product Design Department at IED Milan. Passionate about craftsmanship, they also produce their own series of products working together with artisans in Italy and South Africa.


Luca is an architect (born 1979), Dario is a designer (born 1982): once accomplished their respective studies, educational path and working experience around the world they meet up in Milan where they start a collaboration which is most of all like taking a journey together. A real as well as a mental path through places, time, language arts, expressiveness which is able to mix up functions and emotions. A double glance at tradition and innovation turning into tangible signs for design and architecture: at the same time having to do with the senses and with technology, therefore consistent with here and now.

Viviana Degrandi

Viviana Degrandi is an industrial designer who is involved with different sectors, always focusing on the raw material with the objective of bringing a touch of innovation without distorting the spirit of the material: a quiet approach that proceeds by small steps but yields high quality, greater usability, a revision of production costs and simple and honest aesthetics that let the objects express their essence.
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